The Outing

Oh, my goodness!  I had an “outing” today, and I loved it!  My good man suggested this morning that we run some errands together after he got home from his weekly, early morning Wal-Mart grocery-shopping run (due to my GBS, for the past three or so years–driving, walking longish distances, carrying items over just a couple of pounds is OUT–so no grocery shopping for me:  my job for the first 30 or so years of our marriage).

Well, you cannot imagine how much he hates this grocery thing, and he usually needs a nap or a drink-sometimes both-when he gets home.  Just get in and get out is his motto.  And I’m pretty sure the Wal-Mart folks scatter when they see him coming.   I can’t imagine why… So I was cautiously optimistic that we would get out later together.

At any rate, I went ahead and showered, fixed my now short, gray hair (that’s another story) and was pretty much ready to go while he was still putting away the gazillions of items he bought.  Actually, it was only 73 items (it said on the receipt–did you imagine me counting them?) but to him, it was gazillions.  And cost gazillions of dollars.

I got ready because, to my husband, I must be completely ready to walk out the door at the appointed time.  “Are you ready to go?”  is what I will start hearing.  Never mind that he still has to brush his teeth, maybe go to the bathroom, pull his truck into the garage from the Wal-Mart nightmare, pull out my car for me to get into, go back into the house to get his sunglasses/reading glasses/wallet/coupons/whatever…  I must be ready or he fusses.

So he finally got ready, and we were off.  Our chores were:  cash a check at the bank, drop in for a couple of items I had seen in the weekly circular at the small, family-owned grocery store near us which Wal-Mart didn’t carry, and stop off somewhere for lunch.

The bank drive-thru was fine, the meal we had at the nearby Mexican restaurant was delish–but the little grocery store–oh, my!!  As I mentioned, I haven’t been in a grocery store in over three years.  Well, he rolled me in that front door, and it was as if the heavens opened and the angels began to sing!

Health and beauty items!  Paper goods and cleaners!  Boxed/Dried/Baking items!  Canned and jarred goodies!  So many new products I had no idea existed!  I wanted to go up and down every aisle.

He grabbed one of those little hand-held grocery baskets, and rolled me over to the deli, where we imagined this particular cheese I had come for would be located.  I had pita bread, bagels, King’s Hawaiian Rolls, and a cheese ball in that thing within 90 seconds.

He started sputtering,  “Do I need to go get a regular buggy?”  “You know I just spent XXX dollars at Wal-Mart this morning!”  “I thought we were coming here for just a couple of things.”  etc…  So I calmed myself down, we both recovered, and we managed to get out of there in about ten minutes time, spending just over twenty dollars.  I had good self-control!

But Wal-Mart has those handicapped scooters with the basket on the front, right?  Hmmm…I’m thinking seriously about inserting myself into my husband’s Wal-Mart nightmare next week…

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One Response to The Outing

  1. Vicki Barney says:

    Loved this
    I can really identify with the feeling. Haven’t been in the grocery store in probably six years and, frankly, miss it!
    Not sure why it took me a year to see this!!


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