Homemade Pizza-Yum!

Hey, friends!  I thought since I have started this blog, and I have always loved to be creative in the kitchen, that maybe I could share some recipes from time to time.

When I got sick-man, was it really three years ago???!!! with GBS, it made it nearly impossible to do things in the kitchen, or anywhere for that matter.  Thankfully, my husband was able to take leave in order to see to me (which included seeing to almost everything, from getting me out of bed in the morning to…well, you don’t really want to know.  He says we have no secrets now, which is pretty much true.)  🙂

At any rate, during that time, he was in charge of meal preparation.  Great, right?  It was during this time, that I discovered that he (and maybe all men–I don’t know, he’s the only one I’ve got) was not good AT ALL at multi-tasking.  At least in the kitchen.  He was fairly confident with meat, so many times, that was what we had for dinner.  Meat.  I assure you, the kindness of church members, friends and family in this department was not lost on me.

So, anyway, here we are, three years and one relapse later, and I am slowly, carefully, figuring out how to resume some kitchen duties (but don’t ask me to drain noodles or take a hot pan or casserole dish out of the oven).  Do you think there were enough commas in that last sentence?  Yay, Oxford comma!!

Which brings me to this recipe for homemade pizza, which is the BOMB!  Good pizza starts with the crust, right?  Well, I can’t take any credit for that–I have always said, in cooking, if it involves yeast or a springform pan–count me OUT!  Well, all the pre-made pizza crusts we have ever tried have been…yuck!  Chewy and hard and…  But my husband, who still has to do the grocery shopping says, “If the Wal-Mart Supercenter doesn’t have it, you don’t need it!”  (yeah, I know…sigh) So he brings home one called “Mama May’s”.  It is thin-crust, and made by Spartan Foods of America??  Never heard of them, but–okay.

It turned out to be just right!  Here is how I topped it:

About 1/4 C Ranch dressing for the sauce (it sounded gross to me but it was good)

A light spreading (maybe 1/2 C?) of shredded mozzarella

Shredded chicken–I used a rotisserie chicken (my husband likes lots of meat–as aforesaid)  but put however much you like

Fresh spinach, red onion, fresh mushrooms sautéed together, then spread on top of chicken–I might try leaving them raw next time.

Bacon bits, topped with more shredded mozzarella and shredded parmesan!

I cooked it according to the directions on the crust–something like 425 degrees for ten minutes??

It was DELICIOUS!!  Give it (or some semblance of it) a try some time!

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One Response to Homemade Pizza-Yum!

  1. Lisa says:

    I kind of like the idea of ranch dressing for the sauce. And if calories or ingredients were a concern, you could use low fat or lite dressing. If you want tomato-based sauce. there’s simple recipe involving 8 ounces of tomato sauce, some Italian seasoning, and black pepper to taste. And again, if you want to be health conscious, you could use low-sodium tomato sauce. Rotisserie chicken? I would have never thought of that. Probably healthier than the tons of beef, sausage and pepperoni I normally put on mine!


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