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The Outing

Oh, my goodness!  I had an “outing” today, and I loved it!  My good man suggested this morning that we run some errands together after he got home from his weekly, early morning Wal-Mart grocery-shopping run (due to my GBS, for … Continue reading

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Homemade Pizza-Yum!

Hey, friends!  I thought since I have started this blog, and I have always loved to be creative in the kitchen, that maybe I could share some recipes from time to time. When I got sick-man, was it really three … Continue reading

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Seems Counterintuitive…

Vitamins stink!  And I’m speaking literally, not figuratively.  In one particular drawer in my bathroom, I keep my daily pills (yes, I know they should be kept in a cool, dry place, but-whatever).  Whenever I open that drawer, “Shew!” that odor … Continue reading

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It’s Monday

Productivity=Satisfaction and Happiness Do you ever look forward to Mondays?  I do, because it seems like I can get my life back under control from the preceding weekend (no, it’s not what you’re thinking you alcohol fiends).  It’s just that, … Continue reading

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Here Goes!

Here is my first, albeit unremarkable blog post.

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